Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Springy and Bright

Spring is in full swing here in North Texas
it's been beautiful weather wise
I just love the bright happy colors of spring
All the bright spring blooms had me inspired
I've needed some color to spruce up my gray and white bed linens
so I dug out some of my all time favorite fabric
included some solids to coordinate
and came up with these
they are so bright and happy
and the dark gray ties them in with my bedding

i echo quilted the flowers and leaves
then some stippling in the open spaces
then quarter inch spaced lines on the borders
oh...did i mention these are going to become pillows
bet you were wondering huh?
i can't decide though exactly how to do the backs
I'm wavering between simple envelope backs
or grommets and laced up with grosgrain ribbon

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Patio Spruce Up

I have been spending a fair amount of time on my patio lately...
even with all the bright plants...there seemed to still be a lack of color...
and my patio chairs are not all that comfortable...
so I was a Joann yesterday...
and guess what was on sale....yep...outdoor canvas...50% off!!
so here's what I made yesterday...

here's a closer shot of the's absolutely adorable...
and the colors are perfect for all the colors of my planters on the patio..

so cute right??
and my plants are looking good....

lots of buds on my impatiens...

I had never seen this sweet potato vine before...but it's got really deep dark foliage...and then this added bonus...these perfect little purple blooms...

I just love these bright coral geraniums....and apparently so does Ry....his nose is blocking the big bright blooms....oh well...

Happy weekend everyone!!