Monday, August 31, 2009

Don't Miss Out...

there is a great....fantastic...phenominal giveaway going on......

stop over at a flower for you....and enter before it's too late....(before tomorrow night!!!)

I just had to post this really quick...but no worries this is not all I have for today.....there will be much more later!!! promise....

Saturday, August 29, 2009

On Pause

things are on pause at the moment.....all my projects are on hold....i've had to head home to Oklahoma for a few days....make sure everythings ok and spend some time with the family....

but good news....i did get the binding started on the first quilt....and really really really hope i can get to finish the handsewing of it...and get it done!!

so it'll be a few days before i'm back with anything to report...have a good weekend all!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Finally Photos

It's taken me way longer to getting to posting these than I planned....but I have a good excuse....I was so very busy sewing and quilting my first quilt!!! Get ready for a long post...but it's loaded with great stuff!!

So first the fabrics for Mr.Favorite-Color-Black's they are....

I wish I had thought to take the picture before I started cutting...but I was so excited about them....aren't they awesome??

After laying all the fabrics came to me exactly what they were begging to be....and what would fit Mr.Fav-Color-Black's personality....they were screaming to become Wonky Log Cabin Blocks....thanks Jacquie for the inspiration and tutorial....and boy oh boy were they right....

I love them....I sure hope he does too...he'd better....anyhoo...I'm thinking about throwing in either a little yellow or green...for a lil pop of color in maybe two or three blocks....we shall see...I truly can not wait to finish this quilt!!

and I promised pictures of finished quilt 2....and here it is.... it turned out pretty darn good....I almost wish I hadn't promised this to my mom....she's gonna love plan is to quilt and bind it this that I can have her Orange Pride quilt to her to cuddle on the couch with when she watches the Oklahoma State Football season opener...Go Pokes!!....haven't picked out the backing yet...that's what I have planned for tomorrow along with some crafting with LilFriend....

And now...the debut of my quilting skills....I'm not really sure it's actual skills yet...but I did try my hand at quilting my first quilt on my machine....I picked what I thought would be simple for my first try and something that would work with the lines of the I went with wavy lines since the quilt has so many straight lines....what do ya'll think??? did i go too simple??

I'm just excited that I tried the quilting....and that it wasn't a major catastrophe.....but what I'm really in love with is the back...which is really just a happy accident....I had originally planned to do all green backing...but cut the fabric incorrectly and had to come up with a solution this is what I came up with....

so all this fabulous quilt needs is as you can see it was a busy week....and it's going to be a busy busy weekend too....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Check It Off

Quilt Two....done

Quilt Four....fabric purchased....and let me just warn you it is going to be just awesome....Mr.Favorite-Color-Black is going to have the coolest quilt ever. I have yet to decide what design to use for the great fabrics....

I'll post pictures later today!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It's almost Wednesday? This week is flying by. Last weekend was wonderful. Not that productive, but a LOT of fun. Lil'Friend and I worked on a few projects on Friday afternoon. But that is all that was accomplished, other than some great times and lots of laughs with some visitors.

Finishing quilt 2 before Friday is the goal for the week!! I'll update with progress tomorrow!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

It's Thursday, and I'm not working tomorrow. Excited to be able to say that...three day weekend has me giddy. Imagine the things that will get accomplished. A group of friends I only see once a year are in town for the weekend. So there will be lots of laughs and good times. And I'm hoping for a little sewing.

And here are the first blocks of quilt Three.

I'm so excited about this quilt. Didn't really realize how much time all the flying geese were going to take, but it'll be well worth it in the end.

Hope you have as good a weekend as I plan to have!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

I've had a wonderful weekend! I can't tell you how nice it is to be able to say that. For years, I've been a workaholic. I've always worked whatever schedule, whatever hours, whatever days that were needed. So finally being off on weekends, and it's amazing.

My Lil'Friend and I went to Canton for First Monday Trade Days. I had never been despite the raving of everyone I know. I had a fantastic time even thought it was alternately raining or steamy. There were so many amazing things to see. Lil'Friend and I purchased some old windows, and an old screen door for some upcoming projects. I'll keep you posted on those projects.

I will have to admit that I only got a bit of sewing done on Friday, but my evening tonight is to be filled with sewing. So maybe more later on that.