Friday, October 16, 2009

What's with the attitude?!?

I was hoping to have a finished quilt top to show in this post today....but it wasn't in the cards...
my sewing machine threw a little tantrum...making noise and stitching too I gave her a good scolding...(and some oil and lint cleaning)...and am letting her sleep off her attitude...
hopefully the pictures tomorrow will be the finished quilt top...

do you remember these fabrics and this MBS project that I thought would be great for SIcousin's quilt...well it ain't too bad, huh??

really I just needed to put this sneak peak up for a couple people that I thought would really like to see it!!

Have a great weekend ya'll!!


  1. I really like these kinds of quilts. I don't know what they're called but I like it.

  2. My old sewing machine was very naughty and I finally had to get one that acted like a lady. Hope yours has snapped out of it and is back in ship shape.


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