Sunday, July 26, 2009

Perfect Projects and Great Giveaways

There are two great projects out there this week. And I'm listing them in chronological order, because there is no other way in which to decide which one should be discussed first.

I love pincushions. Everytime I see a project for a fruity pincushion, I just have to make it. So I've currently got quite the fruit bowl going on my sewing table. My fruit bowl is starting to overflow though. So I was excited to see another pincushion design and tutorial. One that is just too cute to pass up.

Check out Jaybird Quilts for the Giant Pincushions and her great giveaway of one of each of her adorable designs in fantastic fabrics. Thanks for the great idea and giveaway!! Hope I win, but also can't wait to make one too.

The next project is just too cute to pass up. And fits perfectly in line with my trying to find many ways to go green this year. What better way to go green than to do away with paper gift bags and wrapping paper?

Kim at Bitty Bits and Pieces is a genius. Check out the Charmed Gift Bag project tutorial. And she is a generous genius also, as she is holding a giveaway of a gift bag goodies included. I would absolutely love to win.

And the project and tutorial come at a perfect time. If I start now with all the adorable Christmas fabrics that have come out, I'll be ready to have a super green Christmas with no paper wrappings necessary!! This is just a fantastic project.

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