Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Let's see...

it's been a busy day. I have lots to cover today. So let's start with another great giveaway.

Not only would it be fantastic to win, but I really enjoyed the giveaway comment question that Rachel of p.s. i quilt asked. Both thinking about my answer (it was hard to decide on my absolute favorite), and reading everyone's answers. Some of the answers have me thinking about future projects. So, Rachel thanks for the opportunity to win, and the inspiration!

Speaking of projects....I've been working on quilt 2. I'm totally impressed with the results so far. I was unsure how working without a pattern would work out. The idea in my head is playing really well in blocks. The borders may be a different story, but we shall see. I did get some ideas last night.

Took a Bindings, Backings, and Borders class last night at the Old Craft Store. It was really a great class. Fantastic teaching as always, and a ton of useful tips and techniques. I can't wait to put the info to use.

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